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Legacy Court Reporting is a Florida-based court reporting agency with a team of top-tier, stenographic, realtime court reporters, trial technicians, and videographers who offer high-quality, individualized litigation services utilizing innovative technology. With a reputation built on years of dedicated service, we are your trusted partner in preserving the record.

Our mission is to only promote and support certified stenographers.

Our team excels in

It is hard to overstate how important and unappreciated the role the court reporter plays in conducting a successful trial.

Time after time, it is crucial in the moment to be able to have the court reporter read back for the jury or the judge testimony which is the subject of a pending objection; that the transcript be instantly precise and correct is paramount.

Also, with the advent of real-time reporting, there is simply no substitute. Over and over again, virtually upon every ruling, we can see the judge looking at the real-time screen and relying on it before ruling on an objection, and I will not try a case without it.

Legacy is one of the few reporting services that is really good at real-time reporting, and Jeana Kim, in my opinion, is simply the best there is.

The best there is. 

Aside from being charming and delightful to work with, she is simply the best court reporter at the best court reporting service, and I always, always insist on Jeana if she is available, and if not, then it must be one of the other top-flight Legacy reporters.

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Rick Block
Senior Trial Attorney
Morgan & Morgan, P.A.
I have conducted hundreds of civil jury trials over the last 29 years.  Jeana Kim is, by far, one of the best court reporters I have ever had the pleasure of using during trial.

Her company, Legacy Court Reporting, is my absolute first choice for either real-time reporting during trials or regular court reporting service for all other litigation needs.
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Brian McClain
Senior Trial Attorney
Morgan & Morgan, P.A.
Legacy makes things so simple and is a pleasure to work with!

As a busy litigation paralegal, I am beyond grateful for Legacy’s reliability and eagerness to assist in any way possible.  I can confidently schedule depositions, hearings and trials knowing that the attorneys, clients and judges will be met with a qualified and professional stenographer.

Jeana and Sandy’s kindness and dedication to their clients is apparent in every interaction and extends throughout the entire Legacy team.

Jeana’s constant commitment to ensuring trials run smoothly, real-time transcription and accurate record preservation have become crucial aspects of our trial success, and “we don’t try cases without Jeana!”
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Emily Smith
Litigation Paralegal
Morgan & Morgan, P.A.
I have been working with Jeana for over 15 years, both in South Florida and Central Florida.  She has always been very dependable, professional, and a pleasure to work with.  Her work is impeccable and timely, and I have the utmost confidence in the accuracy of the transcriptions when I know that she is reporting in one of my cases.  

If you are ever in need of court reporting, without reservation, I recommend calling Jeana Kim at Legacy Court Reporters.
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Anthony Merendino
Managing Partner, Orlando
Luks, Santaniello, Petrillo, Cohen & Peterfriend
I have worked with dozens of court reporters over the years, and no one compares to Legacy, as they have worked miracles for our firm!  Whether it be from the late night text that I need a court reporter bright and early the next day or a super rushed transcript, they have our backs and constantly go the extra mile for our clients.  For this, we are grateful and will continue to hold hands with Legacy.
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Morgan Datchko
Domnick, Cunningham & Yaffa
There are many court reporters out there, but Legacy is, by far, my favorite to work with.  They are quick and always just a phone call away when you need them.

Legacy is reliable and eager to make sure we have everything we need so things run smoothly for any deposition or trial.

Jeana, Sandy and Daneen go above and beyond, and I could not be any more grateful to have found such a dedicated company for our cases.
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Bryanna Barnard
Litigation Paralegal
Morgan & Morgan, P.A.
When you want transcripts that are error free, on time and without all the extraneous charges we all hate, call Legacy.

Sandy Townsend has been my court reporter for over 20 years. I wish all court reporters were as good as she is. Fortunately, she has put together a team that lives up to her standards and mine.
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Sean Domnick
Domnick, Cunningham & Yaffa
Legacy Court Reporting is the best and most reliable! Jeana and her team are always professional and prepared.  Beyond that, they are always willing to go the extra mile from late night calls during trial to preparing and transcribing transcripts quickly when needed.  Legacy is our go-to court reporters for trial and never disappoint.  They utilize their skills as excellent court reporters with the latest technology to provide such an efficient and professional experience.  From simple depositions to weeks long trials, they can do it all. 

With all the different court reporters out there, it is refreshing to work with such a great company like Legacy. 
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M. Jesse Stern
Newsome Melton
Working with Legacy Court Reporting is aways a pleasure.  From the initial contact to the final transcript delivery, their professionalism and accuracy are outstanding.  The court reporters are punctual, skilled, and their stenographic reporting ensures that the transcript captures every word uttered throughout each deposition or hearing.

They offer a range of services, including videography and remote depositions, which makes scheduling easy with one-step contact.  The customer service team is responsive and dedicated to client satisfaction, making the entire process smooth and hassle-free.

Legacy Court Reporting sets the gold standard in court reporting.  I highly recommend them for their exceptional service and reliability.  I most certainly will continue to use them for our firm’s court reporting needs.
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Michelle Nichols DeLong
Michelle N. DeLong, PLLC