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Stenography is the most reliable and time-tested method in high-stakes situations. It is one of the only forms of court reporting that is allowed in every civil courtroom in the state of Florida. Overall, the benefits of realtime court reporting make legal proceedings, whether in deposition or trial, more efficient and beneficial for all parties.

While less than 10% of court reporters are nationally realtime certified, many members of the Legacy team have this certification!
Our videographers accompany our court reporters whether it be virtually or in person to capture video footage of witness depositions. They ensure that all testimonies and interactions are accurately recorded and documented for our client’s video exhibits to be presented in court as evidence during trials. Our videographers synchronize recordings with written transcripts provided by our court reporters allowing seamless integration of visual and textual information during legal proceedings.
Trial Presentation Specialists
Our “hot seat” trial technicians play a crucial role in assisting attorneys during trials by managing and presenting digital evidence and exhibits in realtime. They organize and prepare exhibits that will be presented during trial proceedings. They quickly retrieve and display specific exhibits requested by attorneys or the court, and collaborate closely with attorneys during witness examinations.

They set up and configure the courtroom technology including computer monitors, projectors, audio systems, and presentation software to ensure operational use during trials.